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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 27, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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[ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultra-rugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. trble hearing on the phone? buy one get four free for your business. visit >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i want to go back for a second to the trayvon martin case because i think that is spawned this sort of desire for revenge almost from people on the right. >> bill: now the far left is saying that reporting on stories like the murders in oklahoma and spokane are revenge for the trayvon martin case. in sane, you bet. we will continue our reporting. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world it defies any code of morality. what will the u.s.a. do to syria. we have to punish that company. karl rove will tell us what he thinks will happen. >> who is your favorite
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founding father? >> abraham lincoln. >> bill: watters world segment dumbest things ever said during this segment. there was plenty to choose from. >> do you know what the unemployment rate is right now? >> oh, 99%. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, oil birl. thanks for watching us tonight. the american dream and civil rights that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. auto years ago this week, dr. ming jr. delivered his brilliant i have a dream speech. >> i have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. i have a dream today.
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>> now, if you want to know the inside story of that historic speech we provide vivid detail in my book killing kennedy. you might find that very interesting. but the question tonight is how would dr. king see the current racial situation in america? would he be pleased? that nearly 75% of black babies are born out of wedlock? no he would not be. would he be accepting of the violent crime wave caused by young black men? >> he would be appalled. we accept the broken educational system in many poor precincts? >> no, he would not. would he be happy with the rap industry and other pernicious entertainment aimed at the young? i do not believe dr. king would be happy about that at all. and, finally, we approve of a civil rights movement that continues to blame american society for the problems encountered by blacks rather than encouraging personal responsibility as a way to achieve individual success? on saturday, tens of thousands of folks gathered in washington to honor
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dr. king's crusade. but sadly, sadly, most of the speeches were heavy on grievance, light on problem-involving. we heard a small but a criticism directed at irresponsible behavior that leads to chaos and ruin but not much. however, we did hear a lot about racial profiling. and voter identification requirements. we heard questionable comparisons of trayvon martin to immitt til. we heard the continuing mantra of more government money to fix social problems that can only be fixed in the home. intelligent americans know it is the collapse of the traditional family that is wreaking havoc in the african-american community. other issues while some somewhat important are essentially a side show. if dr. king were alive today he would be broken hearted what has happened to the traditional family and not only among blacks, in our competitive society the ill educated of all colors are likely to fail.
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good education is a partnership between parents and teacher fns if they are derelict read and study at home teachers cannot wave a magic wand. if a child has no guidance in the house. he or she is likely to fail at school. did we hear that saturday in washington? did we? the left wants government to replace bad parents. and the teachers unions want more money. they generally oppose cultural reform or competition through school vouchers which would at least give poor kids a chance at a better academic environment. so it is that the teacher's unions who are big financial sponsors of saturday's gathering in washington. the american federation of teachers and the national education association both poured tens of thousands of dollars into the event. the factor asked those unions for exact financial disclosures they refused to
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provide it al sharpton's organization the national action network was deeply involved in the washington event. so were any of the speakers were you paid for this event you put on? >> paid by who? >> anybody. were you financially reimbursed at all? >> who? personally? no. none of us were paid to speak. no. >> what about your organization? did it profit at all from jrvettle how? >> from this event? >> i think the organization national action network and all the participating organizations, we had to raise money to cover the cost of doing this. plus the technical aspect, the jumbotron, so absolutely it costs a lot of money to do this. >> bill: sharpton's organization has a lot of money. in its last irs filing in 2011, the organization listed more than $4 million in contributions, many from far left concerns sharpton
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himself was paid more than $240,000 that year many if not all of his personal expenses were paid for by the nonprofit group. so you can see that mr. sharpton is benefiting from his for rays into the civil rights arena. now, the reason the teacher's unions are is so heavily involved with sharpton and the racial groups is that they do not want educational reform and do not want to discuss putting the blame for bad education where it belongs on chaotic parenting. the unions are demanding more money from the feds and the states. that, of course, comes in the form of higher property and income tax so it effects nearly everybody. quite simply, this is a scandal. dr. martin luther king wanted a fair stable system for for instance. did he not want a culture of debasement. awful behavior from so-called entertainers and a collapsing family landscape the civil rights industry, teachers unions,
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far left media and apathetic americans are all working together to block any kind of meaningful problem solving or cultural reform in this country and until americans come to grips with that nothing will get better. in the end. it is indeed about the content of character. when will the civil rights industry get back to that? and that's the memo. next on the rundown, juan williams will respond and then karl rove on what president obama should do about the human rights violations in syria. the factor will be right back.
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bottom bill continuing with lead story. the civil rights industry refusing to confront the real problem in america. joining us from washington, juan williams, mary katharineham is on maternity leave. all right, juan, what say
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you? >> i just want to say thank you because that was a terrific, terrific memo. that's in the spirit of dr. king asking where do we go from here dr. king would not cry over the awful lyrics and bad schools. he would act. he would stand up. that's the tradition of dr. king. stand up and act against bad schools that are condemning these kids to useless lives because they never have an opportunity to climb that ladder of upward mobility. the civil rights challenge of this generation is ed's occasion and dr. king would never allow anybody to buy his silence, to buy him off. to sell out the kids. that's what's happening right now. i look today at some of the reports on union spending, it's unbelievable. aft. aft and affiliates in new york tens of thousands of dollars going to jesse jackson, al sharpton and naacp. same thing with the national education association nea.
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why? because they know that they don't want those civil rights leaders to ever stand up and say yes to charter schools, yes to vouchers, yes to school reform. yes he to rahm immanuel in chicago saying that we needed black community. poor people need better schools and you can't make excuses at the cost of our children and our children's future. >> you you think that the unions are trying to buy the civil rights industry's silence. >> no question. that's a pretty provocative charge. in bed together. no doubt absolutely true. rally in washington without the union money no explanation. we asked very politely today, how much did you spend? how much did you give over to the thing. wouldn't tell us. sharpton wouldn't admit got paid national action got big bucks. >> you know the deal. >> that pours right in. >> yeah. >> we have established yard what the relationship is
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but the lack of speakers exhorting personal responsibility you know we see this seattle thing, spokane thing we are going to cover it in a few segments world war ii guy gets beaten to death by two black kids, comes a few days after two more black kids and a white kid shot the australian jogger to death for no reason at all. we are creating a subculture of people who don't feel anything will kill at will, yet, nobody will acknowledge why that's happening or what we can do about it, instead, they are talking about showing up with i.d. card to vote. and this is a big crow thing it boggles the mind i will tell you something, i had a breakfast thing with sharpton a few weeks ago. sharpton says to me what do you think i should talk about at the march on washington because i have written books about black history i suppose and he says to me what do you think i should talk about?
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i said without a doubt, the civil rights challenge of today is the improving the quality of schools so that our kids, no matter if they come from a broken home, no matter where they come from, that they will have an opportunity in this country. he sits there and nods at me, bill. and he nods. not a word about the schools and not a word going on. your point about personal responsibility. you don't hear this. why don't you hear, this bill? because they want foe go backed to the whole idea that somebody has a grievance and that their grievance i couldn't justifies anything that goes on they are not going to talk to the pornographyers no masquerade as black artist authentic black art. dressing like you just got out of jail makes you a black man and say that's wrong. that's not the image to portray to our children. that's not who we are, that's not our history. you will never hear this. >> now it's getting to the point where one of the
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accused murderers in spokane and oklahoma were fans of this chief keefe. do you know who this guy is. >> no. >> bill: vial rapper, drug dealer with a conviction who these kids now islandsize it's really depressing. i like dr. ming's -- i liked his message and i liked his courage. >> absolutely. >> i'm not seeing the message and i'm not seeing the courage 50 years later. i will give you the last word. >> well, i will pick up on what you just said because it's about courage, and sometimes courage requires that you speak to people who you love in ways that challenge them, bill. and what we're seeing now is that the civil rights leadership is all too happy to take the money and shut up and pretend somehow they are speaking to the interest of those children or to the community. in fact, they are not in fact what they are doing is selling out and allowing money to shut their mouths.
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that is corruption. corruption of a great movement. juan thanks very much as always. karl rove on what president obama should do on syria. later, bernie goldberg on how the networks are covering the two violent crimes that involve young black men in oklahoma and spokane. and we are coming right back.
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>> bill: in the impact signaturement tonight, earlier today secretary kerry hinted take action against syria for poison gas attack. >> let me be clear. the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders biochemical weapons is a moral
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doctorsty. without borders which is reliable says 3,000 syrians were hurt by the gas and more than 300 killed. joining us from austin, texas, fox news analyst karl rove. if you were a.b. advising president obama tonight as did you with president bush years ago. what would you suggest you do? >> well, the administration faces five big questions. the first and most important question is: do you act or not act. the president two years ago said asass -- president assad needed to go, he didn't act. a year ago, he said the red line would be the use of chemical weapons on the anniversary of that statement, the syrians use chemical weapons. the first question is act or not act. i think you have to act. >> bill: and he will act. he has to. >> then the question gets to be do you do more or do you do less? i worry about us only have four destroyers in the eastern mediterranean. it's one thing to launch tomahawk crews missiles
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from those destroyers. i think the administration needs to do more rather than less. they do two little and the syrians and yawnians say we used poison gas and we got away with a slap on the wrist. i would lien towards doing more but not too much. you don't want to lead by putting american boots on the ground do more than less. >> bill: what does it mean though? you have to define it for the folks here. we have u.s.a. navy air base in italy. bombers can easily go from itsly to syria. and bomb installations. >> look, we have u.s. military, air installations in turkey look, if you know what units are involved in poison gas go after those units. you need to siriusly air defense. you want to destroy the planes that they have got. facilities they base those plans at. make it difficult for war. go after command and control and go after their supply depots. >> bill: what if nato doesn't go along with us? the russians are saber rattling on the side of
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assad if you can believe it putin is on his side. >> that's another question, which is do you do this alone or go with international support? united nations will not give its support because of the presence of russia and china. nato is inclined. i thought it was interesting to date. it was the french foreign minister who said we have got to it act. i think there has got to be support within nato. president reach out. leaders in france and great britain over the last 48 hours. he needs to be reaching out to the saudis. we have important support that could come from that direction. but he does need to get into coalition of the willing to back this action. and then he needs to answer the questions of long or short. now, i would lean towards doing it shorter rather than longer. i'm not the military expert. but it strikes me, for example, if you make a commitment to a no-fly zone, that you are going to be stuck like we were in iraq for the better part of a decade enforcing the no-fly zone. i would rather seriously degrade their air assets and their ability to put planes in the air and keep
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them in the air than to say a no-fly zone. and the toughest get are owe -- question for the president will be this one. does he ask for congressional authorization for his action? >> i think he has to do that. >> i think he does, too. remember, he did not in libya. >> who is going to vote against beside the loons? >> here is this. this was a gallup poll in june. supply military aid to the rebels. 37% of the american people favored it 54% opposed it favor or oppose sending arms and military supplies. this was a pew poll also in june. 20 percent said yes. 70 percent said no. favor or oppose military action if they use chemical weapons. 45/31. not great but the president needs to make a case to the american people. >> that will ramp up because people don't even know what's going on there. they do now if they watch the news. look, i think you agree with me that congressional approval for a kind of bombing action that would be supported by
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international coalition that's going to pass. >> well, you know what? i believe it will. but it's going to require the president to drop the politics, focus on it, put -- lien in on his own party. give political cover to the republicans. when you have somebody like bob corker the respected senior republican on the house, on the senate foreign relations committee saying you have to come to congress to ask for it the president cannot do what did he in libya. which was not go to the congress. he has to go tocpç)p what politician wants to be labeled well go ahead and use the poison gas, kill the children and we are not going it do anything about it who wants to be in that camp? >> a lot of people said we don't care about saddam hussein and voted no. you will have democrats and republicans alike who will vote against us. >> not many. >> i bet if he brings it up to a vote cower fer to a hownchts i was going to say about 0%. the american people will rally behind this action if it's done properly i agree
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with you quickly. bang, boom, and that's it. and then let the chips fall where they may. but no more dead kids breathing poison gas. >> look, i believe that we should have -- we need a strategy for syria and that strategy is, in my opinion, we have to work with the saudis in the gulf states. >> bill: sure, we will try to get them on board. >> to arm the right people inside the free syrian army who are secularists and western oriented, this is what we should have been doing two years ago. we did do it. al qaeda elements took the lead in the fight against assad. >> bill: i got it, mr. rove. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. watters world will feature the dumbest things ever said in that segment. plenty to choose from. don't miss it bernie goldberg analyzing how the network news horrifying crimes committed by young black men in america. we h
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bill political unresolved problem segment tonight. police in spokane washington have arrested two 16-year-olds for killing 88-year-old world war ii vet that mandel better belton was apparent target of a robbery by the boys andly beat ton death by them. one of the boys charged with first degree murder. other keenan kennard awaiting charges. they will be tried as adults. monica crowley is off this evening. obviously we all deplore this. but i believe this has been a subculture created in
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this country, it's intact now barbaric behavior why unsupervised children and this is what all of this is. >> i think that's true. i don't know that all of it is i have made very good points in talking points, certainly unsupervise kids. did some background work and found out that some these kids didn't have good parental supervision. >> bill: all of them. >> also generational. poverty is generational. lack of certain morals and manners is generational. it happens generation after generation after generation. education has to be and i thought you and juan addressed that you need to put more money. i need we need to put more money into public education. >> not more money. we had the highest per capita student funding in the world now. >> pay teachers more. >> it's about the parents and condemning parents who are derelict and we don't do that in this country. now, this kid demetrius glen, for example, throw him up there. this kid, 16 years old, drops out of high school. last february. has a rap sheet, a violent rap sheet, okay.
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running wild in the community, and then is he taken in and his father is yelling about well, he is he not a bad kid. what's the matter are you, pal? how could you let your kid drop out of high school at 16 years old when he has got a long rap sheet? what's the matter with you? now, how many black leaders are saying that? who is saying that beside me? >> look, it's good. i know you have been on al sharpton lately. thankness for sharpton and jackson for blacks to go to. >> so boring, colmes, if you are not convinced by this time that these guys are not doing what they should do. >> i'm not saying you are wrong about that. >> these people out of poverty. >> white power establishment that does not -- the black establishment relate to. >> the white power establishment in this new york city is trying to protect minority citizens. they are trying to protect them by heavy duty policing in the high crime districts. and you know what their reward is? all right, being called racist. >> do you know what happened? you are talking about martin luther king earlier. he would be appalled by
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stop and frisk. he would be appalled by what the supreme court did. >> i'm not so sure about that. >> passing part of the voting rights act. >> i'm not sure if ming would oppose showing identification to vote i'm not sure he glld not necessarily. >> that's your opinion. but i think it is necessary. they have it in canada. certainly not a conservative nation. and if you can get to the poll to vote, can you get to the motor vehicle bureau to get an i.d. >> extremely difficult. >> let's get back to these kids. do you agree with me that there is now a subculture in place of thousands of children who don't value human life and have no feeling for others? >> yeah, by the way. >> you agree with that? >> that's poverty driven for the most part. >> well, it's poverty driven, that's true. mostly in those precincts although there are sociopaths in the middle class and upper class. the reason that people are poor and you say it's generational because they make the same mistakes generation after generation. addiction, dropout, failing to grasp what the country is all about. you have to work hard to succeed. that's what you have to do here. you have to be honest and
1:33 am
work hard. not be dependent and looking for handouts. >> you are actually right when you say it's got to be black leaders need to get that message too. >> they are not. >> any they are not going to listen to white guys. >> absolutely not. he this are not going to listen to me, all right. although what i'm telling them would help them immeasurably. >> they don't want to hear it from you. >> bill: that's their fault. now, syria. we have a minute left. what would you, if you were advising president obama, which might happen, colmes, you might get the call to do that? >> loopy enough to go into that white house. >> thank you very much i appreciate the complement. >> what would you tell them. >> involvement. it never works out. >> let them gas the kids. >> we remove assad and responsible for that and what do we put in its place? look what happened? libya. >> are you going to let them gas the kids? >> want them to gas the kids. >> all right, are you, alan colmes going to let them gas the kids. >> i'm not going to let them gas the kids. you have to get interinitial coalition. you can't just do it by yourself. >> you are not going to get russia you get the others and bomb the hell out of
1:34 am
them. >> have a plan in place though. what do you do if assad is gone. >> have a plan in place. they can't dictate what happens after assad. you have got to punish the gassers. you have got to punish them. >> of course you do. however. so often we go in and don't have a plan after. >> put new charge of the after plan. >> appreciate that. >> i want everybody to know that colmes is now war mongering and wants to punish the syrians. >> right. >> alan colmes, everybody. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how the network news is covering the horrific crimes we just talked about. waters world, the dumbest things ever said during that segment. i hope i'm not in this. the factor will continue in just a few moments.
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>> thanks for staying with with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, we ask the purveyor of bernard to take a look at the network news coverage of the cases in oklahoma and washington. the facts in analysis uncovered that abc news did not mention either case on its notely news broadcast although they did mention it in the morning and on their sunday show. with us now is bernie goldberg. where are you, bernie? i thought you were here and you are not here. where are you? >> i'm in north carolina. >> north carolina, good. >> one of the auto states. >> i know north carolina well. i was at the outer banks last year. it was beautiful. now, i'm surprised because abc news fairly aggressive, good investigative unit, brian ross, that they would not cover oklahoma and spokane in light of trayvon
1:39 am
martin and all the controversy that's going on now with with black on black crime. black on white crime. white on black. you know, all of this. why do you think they didn't cover it? >> well, let me first say that makes one of us who surprised, okay? >> particularly abc news though. abc. >> yeah, but it's part of a bigger picture. let me do this my way and then we can focus in. >> okay. >> look at it this way. if the australian ball player were black, and if the 88-year-old world war ii veteran who got a purple heart at okinawa were black and the thugs who killed both of them were white. >> bill: riots in the street. >> abc news would have been all over that story and the other networks would have had far more coverage than they did. but you know what the problem is? and you do know what the problem is, liberal journalists don't feel comfortable with stories where the victims are white and the assailants are
1:40 am
black. it doesn't fit the liberal narrative. the liberal story line. i will give you just one quick example. let's say george zimmerman in the trayvon martin case, let's say george zimmerman had tweeted a message saying he hates black people and then went on to kill trayvon martin, that would be proof all the proof you need that is he a racist and the media rightly would have been all over that yet, one of the thugs in oklahoma, allegedly, supposedly, i'm sure it's true, tweeted that he hates white people, okay? have the media made a big deal out of that? no, because they are uncomfortable with that kind of bigotry. >> also an age difference though. the thugs involved in oklahoma and in spokane are teenagers and zimmerman was an adult. but that's not an excuse for not covering the story. see, look, i think what people don't stand is that the three network newscasts are still the flag ship newscast and set the tone for the whole organization. >> right. >> they only have 22
1:41 am
minutes. they have to procedure advertise what's important and what isn't. now, in the morning they have two hours and nbc has four hours. they are going to cover everything because they have to fill the time. sunday shows are the sunday shows. but when you make a addition not to cover as abc did and i guess cbs didn't cover the spokane thing over the weekend which is unbelievable because it all ties. in this all ties in with the bigger picture of a collapse of certain segment of our society, a rise of this brutality in it subculture and then it's like we don't want to hear it you are right. we don't want to hear it. it makes us uncomfortable. >> it makes them uncomfortable. >> yeah. >> what really fascinates me and you played in the beginning of the program a clip from msnbc, where they were talking about how white people or conservatives or whatever you want to call. >> bill: let me stop you there let me play the entire clip you are referring. >> to good. >> getting absolutely lost as is the issue of guns. i want to go back just for a second to the trayvon martin case because i think
1:42 am
that is what sparked this didesire for revenge from people on the right. >> got off scot-free. what do they need revenge for? i don't understand. >> just for the fact that african-americans dare to be outraged about the trayvon martin case about george zimmerman not being arrested. there is a sense of vengeance on the other side. >> all right. you say? >> okay. it's fascinating to me that african-american elites would be more indignant over what you say about the double standard in the media, in the civil rights industry. than they are with i will go down the list. they are more indignant what you say than 73% out of wedlock birth rate in black america with too many black kids killing other black kids and too many of late killing white people. if anybody who is more indignant with what a common territory says on television than they are with the disturbing reality of what's going on in black
1:43 am
america, they are not serious people. and they shouldn't be taken seriously. >> bill: yet, the news divisions, you know, trot them out on a regular basis. i'm not for censorship. i want to hear all points of view. it is disturbing that it's hard to get through and colmes actually made a good point don't say anything. don't say anything. when he said black americans are not going to it listen to me because i have been demonized there. >> that's right. >> they're not going to tune in and say o'reilly is trying to help us. is he trying to get to the root of the problem so we can solve it. they are not going to do that they're going to listen to other charlatans who run around patronizing them and making the situation far worse and that's what they're doing. last word. >> no. absolutely. they are not going to listen to you or any other white person. and this is why the terrible tragedy of the obama presidency. there is nobody better in the entire united states of america who could speak to black america as well as
1:44 am
barack obama could. could. >> they won't. >> but he won't and that is a tragedy. that is a major tragedy because it's that community that is so hurt by what's going on. >> well, the president has a speech on wednesday marking dr. king's 50th and let's see if he steps up and does what we suggested he should do. >> right. >> bernie, thank you. watters world on deck. special he addition tonight, dumbest things ever said in those segments. can't wait. right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, watters world. we have been doing this segment for two years. over that time many, many dumb things have been said in those segments. so tonight, we put together
1:48 am
some of the most absurd things we have heard. ♪ ♪ what's the unemployment rate at right now? do you know what the unemployment is right now? >> oh, 99%. >> what! >> do you know what the debt is right now? >> no. inform me, please. >> 16 trillion. >> oh, [bleep]. >> you kiss your mother with that mouth? >> i'm actually doing my dissertation on cross dressing. ha ha ha ha ha. >> would you vote for him? >> know would not vote for him. >> why not. >> because i'm a republican. >> he is a republican. >> oh. what year did we sign the declaration of independence? >> i don't know any of this stuff. >> 1964? >> 1864. >> 1776? >> 1776. >> all right. bicentennial. >> the bicentennial. >> i didn't say that. >> who is your favorite founding father? >> abraham lincoln. [ buzzer ]
1:49 am
>> abraham lincoln. >> is he not founding father. isn't he the first president. >> i want to get this down on the tape recorder because nobody is going to believe me. >> are you concerned about this massive national debt? >> he spends the least amount of money than any president. >> obama? >> yes. he did. >> are you sure about that? >> i am positive of that. >> what kind of rubbish is that? >> all been revealed look into the phone records of the associated press reporters. >> maybe he was looking at it in order to make his next move. >> make his next move. >> as far as like helping the economy. >> this is your opinion? >> it's a fact. >> when i say the word republican, what do you think of? >> pepsi. great new pepsi can or what? >> mccain. >> that was four years ago. >> i know but i did. >> i'm going to show you a few pictures of other presidents. peanut farmer. >> you are not helping at all. >> jimmy carter? >> nixon. >> who is that? >> bush senior. >> that hurts, man. >> there you go again. >> are there jobs that you won't do?
1:50 am
>> i won't work in the supermarket. >> so you are trying to find a job. how are you going to make any money? >> i guess because i'm handsome. >> i look good. i mean, really good. >> so let everybody just walk across the border and that's your policy? >> sure, i mean, we like to take vacation. >> wally world. we made it. >> now, there is a lot ofsure, vacations. >> we've made it. >> there are a lot of illegal immigration issues here. do you pay that any mind? >> are you crazy? are you nuts? >> i think fox news is inacrity. >> can you name one lie we told? >> take your time. >> are you worried about this rycin situation? >> no. >> do you know what it is? >> rising? >> ric iiricin. ♪
1:51 am
>> i'm sorry to rule against you. >> the iranians what are they doing to disturb everybody? >> who are they? >> i think we are over there making them mad, man. >> do you ever watch the o'reilly factor. >> i think he is ridiculous and i don't enjoy this show. >> you think he's ridiculous? >> there won't be an affair when we get over there playing this football. >> i don't know what that means. ♪ >> all right. when people say dumb things, do they know it? >> no, no they don't. >> they never even know at the end of the interview after they
1:52 am
have bombed. they say when can i see this? >> i can't wait to see it. >> i kind of laugh along with them to make them feel better. it is not like i'm laughing at them. >> now the guy who was sitting there trying to think of the fox lie he must have stood there for five minutes. >> he said when is this going to be on i can't wait to show my parents. he said he was stoned on the air too. >> he was stoned. okay. when they didn't know ronald reagan or thought nick carter was nixon, did they know nothing? >> i think they are happy that they are on tv. all of that over rules everything else. sometimes the have to console the math and say i didn't do well there. you didn't do that badly. you do, you are lying to them. >> i'm a humanitarian. i see, you are miss leading
1:53 am
them. >> last question, of all the people that you stopped, what percentage agreed to be ins ininterrogated by you? >> 20% will say yeah, without knowing what the topic is. >> yeah, they are diving in. >> how many will not talk to you? >> 10%, they have job to go to. 80% will consider it. 20% say get lost. >> we can do four or five others. we left a lot on the cutting room floor. if you don't like it write to me and tell me. fact tip of the day how that fact tip of the day how that affects you. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want.
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billo'reil billo'reilly.commembers get a discount. those working in law enforcement and mental health industry also know what is happening first as well. you know that may play well with your sociology but it is bunk. the poor are in that circumstances because of poor sernl decision making. this great country offs great opportunity to everybody but you must work hard to seize it.
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ron, no comus from florida. out sth. billo' we got a good review for "keep it pithy" i'll have that for you tomorrow. the good people at tell me that your weech heelchair is on the
1:57 am
nick. please don't forget the most severely wounded. check out the website. and congratulations to you and your fiance, nick. president obama honoring army staff sergeant tie carter with the medal of honor today. he is from spoke ane washington. with the taliban he risked his life bothing bullets. america's parents and grandparents should be teaching their children courage. it is something we acquire. sergeant carter decided to risk his life to save his comrades and now he is fighting hard against post traumatic stress disorder. life is a series of challenges for everybody.
1:58 am
the courageous meet them the cowardly do not. fact your tip of the day and that does it for us tonight. also like to spout off about the fact from anywhere in the world. word of the day no chuffiness, do not be chufy when correspondenting with us. great word. again, thank you for watching us. tonight please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for
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